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Sai Ganesh CS

Researcher & Software Developer

CEO at Genik Technologies Private Limited

CEO at

About SG

Sai Ganesh CS is an active technologist in the field of artificial intelligence, computational modelling, and vehicular technologies. He is the Co-Founder & CEO of Genik Technologies and He has a work experience of over 3 years as an engineer, researcher, project trainee and intern in premier organizations which includes the National Institute of Ocean Technology, Vecmocon Technologies and Siechem Technologies. He was a visiting researcher (Mitacs GRI) at the University of Manitoba, Canada, where he contributed to the generative modelling of electromagnetic imaging. He has published over 16 research works in various reputed conferences and journals that are cited by several and have published 5 patents in the India Patent Office. He has received several laurels both at the national and international hackathons, conferences and bootcamps.


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

- Nikola Tesla


Porselvi T

Professor, EEE

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College

"Sai Ganesh habitually ensures his clarity of purpose, honesty in the jobs undertaken and the efforts he puts in, to complete the projects. he has always insisted on having realistic goals and strives to attain them."

Azhagumurugan R

Professor & Head, EEE

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College

"Sai Ganesh is a person who deeply values learning and maintains a solid academic record. He follows an experimental approach to learning new things and focuses on the
practical aspects of any theory"

VBN Jyothi

Sr. Scientist

National Institute of Ocean Technology

"Sai Ganesh is a self-driven person with a positive attitude towards his assigned tasks and shows a good work culture with any research group. He has the ability shatter complex problems and provide precise solutions"
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