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RFID Based Multi-purpose Grid and Tracking System for Agricultural Field Robots

Inventors: Sai Ganesh CS, Aouthithiye Barathwaj, Azhagumurugan, Swethaa S, Haariharan N C

FER Replied, 202141016513


IoT Based Fishing and Security System for Watercraft Vessels

Inventors: Haariharan N C, Barathwaj SR Y, Azhagumurugan R, Swethaa S, Sai Ganesh CS

Published, 202241018251


Intelligent Waste Classifying for Eco-friendly Bio Composting

Inventors: Barathwaj SR Y, S K Bahera, Vasundhara L, Saisudha G, Haariharan N C, Sai Ganesh CS

FER Replied, 202141030061


Processed Bamboo Based Irrigation System with Surveillance Platform for Field Robots

Inventors: Azhagumurugan, Sai Ganesh CS, Aouthithiye Barathwaj, Haariharan C, Swethaa S

Published, 202141012727

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